Dear All,

As summer fades away into rains, the year 2022 is gradually slipping by. Summer changing hues as we heave a heavy sigh to say good bye to the north Indian flavours of mangoes which delighted us on each summer lunch on the dinning table. The drizzle and the petrichor together bringing about a rainbow of happiness around the campus of Allahabad University. The smell of the first drops of rain is elevating the joy and happiness around us. It seems we have finally survived the pandemic and are evolving out of it in a changed post covid era. As the University of Allahabad re-opens after the summer vacation, the campus is abuzz with students enjoying the bushy green corners to open their books and study. It is delightful to see them completely entrenched in the lush greenery the campus provides adding more beauty to it is a water fountain where it is common to see birthday cakes being cut at the water front.

The University too is witnessing a lot of change, I thought I must share with all of you the exciting news of 104 new faculty joining the faculty positions in various departments/centres like Centre for Theatre and Film, Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences, English and Modern European Languages, Sanskrit, Zoology, Psychology, National Centre of Experimental Mineralogy & Petrology and Statistics have brought in a whiff of fresh air on the campus. Departments are reorganising their infrastructure and time tables carry new names of meritorious faculty from all over India and also across the Globe.

More faculty in Physics, Fine Arts, Chemistry, Education will also join the work force soon. Allahabad University is catapulting into having clean green campuses.

In the year 2018 University was rated as a B++ Institution, mostly because of its poor teacher taught ratio. These new appointments will go a long way in enhancing the all-round standard of this University. New courses as per the mandate of the New Education Policy shall commence from the upcoming session i.e., 2023.

We as the University family are committed to more meaningful researches, which must be useful to mankind. The University is also committed to adopting nearby villages and bringing about inclusive growth in manifold ways.

I must share with you that for the first-time provisions of 80 G is available to tax payers, if you desire to give any endowment to the University in the shape of seed money for researches on various diseases like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, all types of anemia’s, bipolar disorders and a plethora of mental diseases. You may give a grant and also get the benefit in tax payments. Your wish to spend it in the way you desire shall be our utmost wish. You may want to help a poor student or give scholarship to any student, class rooms, department infrastructures, equipment, fibre cable, etc. Please check our website for all information. You have my assurance of your money going in the right hands. A committee has been put in place to monitor and regulate your money.

Friends, perhaps you know that the fee structure of the University had not changed for 110 years. Considering the huge inflation, the country has been facing the cost of living has gone up. The University has not been able to generate enough money to maintain its classrooms and laboratories. The University had been struggling with Rs. 975.00 fee per annum up until now. Slight enhancement in the fee was the need of the hour. Standing in its pristine glory for 134 years, the Allahabad University is the Almamatar of Pt. Moti Lal Nehru, Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya (Founder of B.H.U.) has had the honour of educating 6 former CJIs, President of India, Vice-President of India, an endless stream of IAS officers, Poets like Firaq Gorakhpuri, Harivansh Rai Bacchan, Mahadevi Verma, Surya Kant Tripathi Nirala, many learned Lawyer, Solicitor Generals, Freedom Fighters. A grand old University which is, so rich in its alumnus, needs a lot of hand holding from all of its old students, who have enriched the institution, as they soared to high offices.

Education as we all know is the most powerful weapon to change the world and teachers are on the task to build tomorrow’s world.

We all must come together to save the institution from perishing. Let us together be the wind beneath its wings once again.

Best always,

(Prof. Sangita Srivastava)


University of Allahabad